Electrical Panel System Upgrades

If you live in an aging home or your electrical system is not keeping up with your home’s rigorous electrical demands, your electrical panel may need to be replaced or professionally upgraded. Today’s electronics, smart appliances, video gaming consoles, power-hungry lighting systems, and technology can tax electrical panels and increase risk of a residential electrical fire.

Do I Need an
Electrical Panel Upgrade?

As energy use increases, your panel be heat damaged or unable to keep up with the required electrical capacity. In many cases, older homes need upgrades to allow for integration of cable and internet technologies. If you are renovating your home, adding a room, or experiencing the following symptoms on a routine basis, you may need an electrical panel upgrade:

  • Problematic circuit breaker tripping
  • Flickering or dimming lights
  • Outlets occasionally working or not working at all
  • Appliances shutting down unexpectedly
  • Frequent power outages in part or all of your home
  • Disorderly, improperly labeled electrical panels
  • Crackling sounds coming from panel

Your home electrical problems may not be related to your electrical panel, so an IC Electric electrician will provide a comprehensive diagnostic electrical evaluation and an honest recommendation about what is needed. No upsells, and no gimmicks: just straight talk about your safety and your budget.

California Electrical Panel Upgrade Specialists

Providing fuse boxes, circuit breakers, rewiring, and electrical repairs, IC Electric delivers reliable, warrantied workmanship. Based in Rocklin, CA, we serve Sacramento and the surrounding region. After your electrical panel is upgraded and reconfigured, you’ll seamlessly and safely meet your current and future energy demands while complying with updated electrical codes.

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Electrical System Upgrades

To schedule service or request a no-obligation consultation for electrical panel upgrades, dial 916.905.5605 or submit an online inquiry. We will be in touch shortly to serve you!

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