Ceiling fan & Lighting
Installation, Repair and Replacement

Whether you’re enhancing your indoor environment or adding outdoor lights for increased security and curb appeal, IC Electric provides beautiful, energy-efficient lighting solutions.

IC Electric's comprehensive residential lighting & Ceiling fan services include:

  • LED and low-voltage lighting installation, retrofits, and repairs.
  • Home lighting repairs, from simple fixtures and switches to advanced troubleshooting.
  • Home lighting installation for room additions, remodels, and new construction.
  • Home security lighting to deter intruders and make your home’s yard navigable after dark.
  • Landscape & outdoor lighting that is ideal for entertaining, barbecuing, and highlighting your home’s architecture.
  • Indoor lighting installation, including pendants, can lights, chandeliers, track lighting, task lighting, under-counter illumination, and more.

Hire IC Electric for
Lighting Services

Quality lighting is critical to home productivity. When carefully selected and installed, interior and exterior lighting enhances the design of your home, makes rooms feel more spacious, reduces energy bills, and prevents eye strain. Choose your own specialty lighting fixtures, or consult with our electrician for a recommendation.
Schedule a no-obligation consultation or request a repair by calling 916.905.5605 or submit an online inquiry. We look forward to providing you with the region’s best electrical service!

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