Save 50-90% off your home cooling costs with a QuietCool Whole house fan

QuietCool - The Best Whole House Fan on the Market

Energy Efficiency

  • QuietCool whole house fans can save up to 50-90% on your A/C related costs.
  • Instead of paying premium rates for air conditioning, QuietCool helps limit A/C usage to the hottest parts of the day. Anytime it is cooler outside than inside, run your QuietCool system instead!
  • Running your QuietCool system will cool down a hot house much faster than your A/C

Quiet Operation

  • QuietCool whole house fans are about as loud as A/C Return!
  • Run your QuietCool fan for hours at a time, even while you are sleeping, and you will hardly remember it is on.

Leading Warranty

  • Pro Series (Trident Pro & Stealth Pro) each come with an industry leading 15-year motor warranty
  • Classic Series (Classic & Energy Saver) each come with a 10-year motor warranty

How It Works

When whole house fans are turned on, the fans will pull the cooler outdoor air into your home, through your windows, across your living space, into the attic, and out the attic vents replacing the hot stale air. This helps cool the home and attic by up to 30 degrees, and sometimes more, allowing the home and attic to stay much cooler the following day.

The cool breeze begins when a window or two is opened and the QuietCool fan is turned on. The cooler outside air will immediately begin to create a breeze inside the home making the homeowner feel up to 10 degrees cooler, and sometimes more, instantly and cooler throughout the evening as the air cools down outside. .

You can trust our expert QuietCool certified installers to install your QuietCool system in the ideal location and without damage to your home. Have your fan installed in the morning and enjoy fresh cool air and energy savings by the evening! 

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